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    • GE Hajdúböszörmény environmental assessment, layer selective core recovery and creation of a monitoring system (2013)

    • Geotechnical and soil mechanical inspections at the preparatory phase of the Paks II investment (2015-2016)

    • Layer selective core recovery at the soil mechanical inspection PAKS II investment in a lenght of 2760 linear meters

    • Falco Wood Industry assessment,planing of technical intervention in a 22,5 ha area (2017)

    • Former Erdőkémiai Combine in Nagybocskó (Velikij Bocsko) Subcarpathia environmental remediation (2013-2016) HUSKROVA project

    • Falco wood industry environmental remediation, tecnical intervention (2015-2017)

    • Egeri Ipari Park (Industrial Park of Eger) construction of vacuum wells 1870 linear meters (2014-2015)

    • Water searching geophysical research with geoelectric methods in a 17,5 ha area (Nyíregyháza Borbánya, 2016)

    • Chinoin Budapest district no. XXII. assessment, sampling (2017)

    • 124 former soviet military bases: environmental site assessment, defining environmental hazards (1991)

      • Arnstadt – Eulenberg and Berlin – Schöneiche waste deposits: environmental site assessment (1992-1994) Ministry of Geology and Environmental Protection, Germany

      • Chemical Works of Budapest, sites of Illatos Str., Kén Str., Nagytétényi Str., Hidas, Garé: environmental site assessment, construction of monitoring system (1992)

      • Dams of Tisza and Körös rivers: investigation of 1270 km long section (1992-2001)

      • MÁV (Hungarian State Railways): environmental remediation according to Environmental Remediation Subproject (1996-1997) MÁV Plc

      • Budapest, XVIII.: windup of heavy oil lakes, ground water remediation, ex-situ remediation of 74.000 m3 heavily polluted soil (1998-2000) Mayor’s Office of Budapest, XVIII.

      • AKZO-NOBEL Coatings Plc.: environmental remediation of soil and groundwater, solvent recovery (1995-2001) Tisza Chemical Plant

      • Eger, Kővágó square: rapid environmental remediation of groundwater on the site of a gas station (1994-1996), MOL Plc.

      • Kiskunhalas, MOL Mining Works: environmental remediation of soil and groundwater polluted by tar

      • MOL: preparing the construction of environmental damage control of 5 hydrocarbon reservoirs (1998-1999) MOL Plc.

      • OMSZ (National Ambulance Service): environmental site assessment (1997-1998) OMSZ

      • Budapest Electricity Works: environmental site assessment, constructing of technological intervention (1998-1999) Budapest Electricity Works

      • Gyöngyös, Felnémet, Parádfürdő, Egererdő Plc. (forestry company): environmental remediation of soil and groundwater, monitoring (2001-2004) Egererdő Plc.

      • Sopron-Ágfalva, former military base: environmental field assessment (1998)

      • Nagyoroszi, MOL Plc.: environmental remediation of soil and groundwater polluted by damage of oil pipeline (1998-2000) MOL Plc.

      • Tiszavasvári, ALKALOIDA Pharmaceutical Factory: environmental site assessment of the factory’s waste dump (1996-2000). With this work the BIOCENTRUM Ltd. won the price of “The best geological research” from the Hungarian Geological Survey.

      • Tisza Chemical Plant: environmental and geotechnical investigation on the area of polypropylene works (1999)

      • Water resources of Kótaj: geophysical investigation (1999) Nyírségvíz Plc.

      • Budapest, Újpest Power Plant: environmental remediation of soil (2003) ÁPV Plc.

      • Gyöngyösoroszi: fitoremediation of soil polluted by heavy metals (2000-2003)

      • Kótpuszta, TIG: environmental remediation of soil and groundwater (2005) TIG Ltd.

      • Tisza, Maros, Körös rivers: verification of flood protection – Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian cooperation (2006-2007) European Union
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